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Galaxy EFB – Passenger cars and vans

Category Description

  • The ideal solution and very high efficiency for vehicles with a large number of current receivers and frequent start-up cycles such as START STOP systems or utility cars (such as taxis)
  • Special carbon addition to the battery electrodes (Super Expanded 3XD-Graphite)
  • Positive electrodes with a unique composition of the active material and the semi-synthetic membrane
  • The increased lifetime and cyclic endurance, even 3 times longer than in standard batteries
  • Up to 130% higher ability to receive electrical loads than in conventional batteries
  • High stability and resistance to extreme temperatures in the engine compartment
  • The highest safety of usage (anti-explosion inserts and tightness of the battery allow its use also in the passenger compartment or in the trunk)
  • Reliable start-up even at extremely low external temperatures and the load with a large number of current receivers

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