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We have more than thirty years of experience in production of starter batteries.Thanks to this we developed unique technology which we still improve through cooperation with research centers, expanding our R&D division, performing numerous researchers and analysis.

We focus also on innovation; we observe the development of world technology and choose the most interesting solutions.

As the only one manufacturer in the country we produce lead oxide (basic component of battery paste) by method based on Barton pot system. This method is used in North America and Far East where is produced 75% of global production of batteries. This method features easiness and sensitivity of process control, which allow obtaining a product with desired characteristics and keeping its quality at a constant level. Resulting lead particles are stable in dimension – it allows preparing active mass with uniform parameters, which contributes to achieve high capacity.

Key processes such as plate production, assembly, battery formation are constantly developed mainly in terms of automation and robotics. The benefits of production process automating can be seen in number of categories. In terms of products,ensures high and consistent quality, in turn, in the aspect of process, high efficiency and effectiveness of production is achieved. Finally, from the point of view of maintenance of technical equipment – ensures high production reliability and
availability of machines and lines at reduced direct operating expenditures of technological and operators services as well as maintenance and repair services. The latest investment is the system of battery formation based on the continuous electrolyte circulation with total replacement of its density during formation process. This process integrate several operations, which have until now been carried out In
separate process steps.

Undisputed benefits include:
Short time of formation. Time reduction up to 80% compared to the standard process. The formation of certain types is even 8 hours. In exceptional cases, it allows us for very quick of delivery realization.

The optimal formation of electrodes – formation process is carrying out with continuous circulation of electrolyte with low density, which at the end of process is automatically replaced for electrolyte with setup density, ensuring the best electrochemical conversion.

High quality of process – the electrolyte is prepared and supervised by highly qualified:

Mentioned advantages allow achieving repeatable battery parameters which transfer into high service life of battery.

But the most important advantage which must be emphasize is minimized negative impact on environment and workers, what is ensured by closed production cycle free from emission into environment.

Systems that ensure production process implementation are:


The IT systems we use:

Plate production




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