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Recycling and natural environment protection

Taking care of the natural environment and respecting the regulations in force, AUTOPART company collects scrap batteries which are stored in accordance with the law. They are then handed over to the operator of the Battery Recycling Unit, where they are recycled.

The term recycling shall be understood as „recovery in which the waste is reprocessed into products, materials or substances used either in the original purpose or other purposes, it includes the reprocessing of organic material (organic recycling) but not as fuels or for backfilling” – Act on Waste of 14 December 2012 (Journal of Laws 2013 item 21).

To minimize pollution to the environment with this type of waste, we have organized the collections points for scrap batteries throughout Poland. We have provided their addresses in our warranty cards. We collect scrap lead-acid batteries made by all producers, not only by AUTOPART. If the number of scrap batteries is high, there is a possibility of organizing an individual collection of such batteries, the only thing to do is to contact the nearest unit of our company.

The batteries which have been entered on the market are marked with the recycling sign labels, as well as the chemical
symbol Pb which means that the product contains over 0,004% of lead and is subject to recycling.
• Return of a scrap battery to the collection point is the responsibility of each user
• Under no circumstances should you dispose of a scrap battery by throwing it into a garbage bin
• Scrap battery must be disposed of in an appropriate way since it contains lead (Pb)
• All scrap batteries, including car batteries, shall be regularly collected and disposed of at the designated
collection points organized in the city.

Act of 24th April 2009 on batteries and car batteries (Act 79 item 666 with changes).

Together we can contribute to protection of the natural environment in which we live!



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