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Research and development works are essential and indispensable part of modern enterprise operation.

Our R&D team is a group of engineers with many years of experience in battery industry. Many of them are working continuously in the company since its foundation, including founder and mentor eng. Jacek Bąk.

The team members are people for whose technology is not only a professional challenge but also a passion. It is a multidisciplinary group consisting of people who have a university degree in

The group is supported by quality engineers, process engineers, designers and automation specialists.

Their work is focused on continuous development of our batteries, improving of production technology as well as improving of health and environment.

To perform tasks our team has a modern construction and technological office equipped in the latest equipment as well as software that supports the battery production process and equipment for their production. We also have laboratories (equipped, inter alia, in photospectrometer) where we can carry out number of chemical, electrical and mechanical analysis.

We create new solutions and products, ranking from designing and production of prototypes, validation processes cycle, including both laboratory test and trials carried out in real conditions (for example, prototypes of batteries are installed in vehicles that pass on these batteries tens thousands of kilometers) up to the stage of approval and implementation to production.

An important factor in our growth is it benchmarking. Ongoing comparative researches and analysis allow using the experience and knowledge of the best.

We perform also number of industrial researchers, often carrying them together with research centers. With participation of the Central Laboratory of Batteries and Cells we realize consecutive eighth Target Project, on which implementation we gained funds from EU. Often, taking up new challenges we invite to cooperation companies from Europe, USA and Asia.

Deepening the knowledge and tracking market trends our engineers, in addition to renewable subscribed specialist press, are further involved in number of scientific conferences dedicated to the battery industry including: ELBC (European Lead Battery Conference), LABAT (International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries), World Lead Conference as well as International Lead Conference.

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